The simple solution to being ‘perfectly staffed’ in 2015!

Oracle Beauty Recruitment is committed to helping you turn one of your spa’s biggest expenses (employees) into one of your greatest assets.
Understanding the TEMP solution:

1 – Saves You Time!
By using Oracle Beauty for a Casual Spa Therapist it gives you, the spa manager more time to do the income producing tasks that you need to do.

2 – Very Flexible!
Oracle Beauty gives you the flexibility to be “Perfectly Staffed” during the ups and downs of your business.

3 – Productivity!
Our therapists know that they will be compensated according to their quality of service and productivity.

4 – Profitable!
How much can your spa make from a fully booked column? Or more to the point, how many profits are you loosing from closed columns, due to staff shortages, sickness, holidays etc?
The loss of profits to a spa without a therapist being able to perform her treatments far out way the cost of an Oracle Beauty spa therapist. Also because we generally supply product trained therapists this results in your spa being able to earn more on treatments, which in turn makes hiring a therapist from Oracle Beauty the only cost effective, profitable solution.

5 – No Long Term Commitment
You have no commitment to the therapist and can choose when they need the cover or not, thus not loosing money on staff when you are not busy or they are not needed.

6 – No Payroll or Paperwork
This offers your spa a hassle free solution with us pay-rolling the therapists and dealing with any insurances or legalities, as we take care of the lot.

7 – Staff Management
Oracle Beauty manage the staff, you just make the call and we supply.
All in all it’s a convenient, hassle free solution to the spas last minute staffing issues.
We can have you set up with Oracle Beauty within the day, once you are set up, you just call us whenever your in need of our services.

The team is always ready to talk to you!