Wellness at Work

Revitalise Your Workplace

We value the idea that if employees are looked after and happy, it will reflect in their customer service and in turn will make your customers feel valued..

What is it?

Wellness days and events are becoming more and more popular with businesses, a lot have consistent well-being events within the workplace to make their staff feel as cherished as they should

That’s where we come in.. we offer a unique service which rejuvenates, relaxes and relieves the stress of your employees. We do this through an on-site massage services, done by professional therapists that can cater to individual needs

Did you know…

45% of UK companies have an employee wellness program in place. They benefit from 11% higher revenue per employee

The Idea

Being relaxed and pampered will naturally improve employee morale and create a generally happy work environment. To add to that, it will actually improve the productivity, quality of work, and actually save you money as a business



Energy boost

We all know that there comes a point in our day where our energy levels seem to drop significantly. This is usually after lunch, and studies shows this period is the least productive part of the day. Why does this happen? Without going into too much detail, it’s easy to appreciate that considering the sedentary lifestyle we lead, we get a substantial lack of blood circulation to our cells in our bodies

A 15-minute massage will increase the blood flow throughout the body, kicking your cells and in turn, your brain back into gear. Following the massage, employees feel more attentive, aware and a general increase in their productivity


Generally being less stressed will instantly reflect in your work. Tension affects us in more ways than we think; there are the physical symptoms of feeling more rigid and generally less agile, but it also affects us mentally. Often when tension is disregarded and it continues to build it can become very difficult to ignore, and in turn making it difficult to concentrate on the tasks we have at hand

Massage therapy is one of the best solutions to tension, taking the edge off those tense muscles and allowing us to return to work with a clear, alert and engaged mind

Culture of care

As humans, we love being looked after and cared for. When we feel cared for, it becomes infectious and we want to start helping others as a result. In general, wellness programs can encourage friendlier relationships and vastly improve the atmosphere. We all know things can get a bit stressful and hectic at work sometimes, so having some appreciation shown can go a long way

Our professional therapists can help your employees feel cared for, and a happy employee makes for a better workplace. It expresses a culture of care, relieves feelings of anxiety and demonstrates a healthy relationship between the management and staff

Did you know…

Being satisfied at a work place means you’re much less likely to change jobs. Staff retention has strengthened within businesses who implement wellness programs. And once implemented, staff will feel less stressed and generally healthier, therefore resulting in much less absences and an increase in productivity

The Service

Below are the services we offer and how they can benefit you

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Being sat on your backside for 7 hours a day can really take its toll on your neck and shoulders. A massage can improve your general posture and flexibility, as well as improving the range of motion. A neck and shoulder massage will encourage relaxation by lowering the blood pressure and heart rate, allowing you to let that stress go

Indian Head Massage

Tension in the head, neck and upper back can often lead to headaches, backpain and even migraines. All of which make our everyday life more difficult than needed; an Indian head massages can help release some of that tension and encourages a further supply of oxygen. This service can actually improve your memory. The massage slows you down and allows your senses to take control. Your thoughts will quieten, and your sense of awareness will improve

Did you know…

The Indian Head massage can actually stimulate hair growth! It increases nourishment and oxygen to the hair follicles and promotes the growth of lovely, luscious hair

How Does it Work?

The therapist will arrive at your office space with their equipment and products; they will set up their chair in a vacant office, meeting room or a quiet corner of a large open-plan, although we feel the individuals would feel more comfortable and relaxed in a private environment

The treatment can be carried out on breaks, lunches or as a team incentive event, it’s ultimately up to you how you want to set it up. A consultation card will be filled out quickly for each individual to see if there are any contraindications we need to be aware of (such as pregnancy or allergies) and to understand their needs and preferences

Depending how many treatments you’d like within your allocated schedule, you may want to consider having 2 or more therapists, so twice as many treatments can be carried out. In terms of the schedule, it’s completely up to you whether you’d like to have 15 or 20 minute sessions. We feel it’s both most convenient and most effective within a work environment that way

Below is a breakdown of how a schedule may look for one therapist:

*15-min per treatment
3 hours = 12 sessions
6 hours = 24 sessions

*20-min per treatment
3 hours = 9 sessions
6 hours = 18 sessions

*Please allow a minute or two for the consultation cards to be filled out for each individual session

Transparent Pricing

1st Hour = £65
2+ Hours = £55

*Prices are per therapist per hour
*Minimum 2 hour bookings


“We had the pleasure of Oracle Beauty visiting the centre for a corporate chair day today. With health and wellbeing being important in the workplace it made sense to offer the opportunity to our clients. Lisa, our therapist was lovely and really put the clients at ease. She delivered 15 minute sessions to clients and it has to be said that every one came out of the room saying that the experience was “amazing”. We are now looking at the potential of offering the opportunity to our clients on a monthly basis should they wish to utilise the services of Oracle. I’d highly recommend the opportunity to use the services for the benefit of the workplace and wellbeing of your teams.

-Regus Digital World

“I wanted to thank Oracle for today. Zoe was pleasant and welcoming and made each one of the clients feel special. All clients felt relaxed and the massage certainly had the desired effect. The room was atmospheric with music and scent – we really could not have asked for a better day. I will without a doubt be using your services again and as Zoe made such an impression on the clients, if possible we would like to book her again. I will also be passing on your details to the other Regus centres across Manchester – as I have spread the word at how great the day was.

-Regus King Street